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Who We Are

The National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC) is a coalition of Hispanic evangelical congregations, pastors, leaders and para-church organizations that seek to respond to a real need for Latino and Latina Evangelical voices committed to healthy congregations, Gospel-centered justice and the common good in the public sphere.

We are a national coalition with the objective of advocating from a common good Latino-Evangelical perspective in the public sphere. Thus, increasing the probability of the enactment for just legislations.

What We Do

We seek to do this by promoting and amplifying the voices of the growing Hispanic evangelical constituency in the following ways:

A) Leadership and church-planting development;

B) Public policy advocacy;

C) Direct services;

D) Cultural Renewal projects

We need your support to do our work — contact us to learn how at (407) 351-4151, x2016 or

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National Latino Evangelical Coalition
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